A LEGEND OF TH'ALEXIS (Secrets of Prophecy)

A LEGEND OF TH'ALEXIS (Secrets of Prophecy)
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A LEGEND OF TH'ALEXIS (Secrets of Prophecy)

A LEGEND OF TH'ALEXIS (Secrets of Prophecy) is the story of a young warrior and prince who sought to unveil the secrets of a prophecy that promised salvation to humankind-a tool to free man from the evil hold of the evil and vengeful goddess Gehenna, who in alliance with the god of war had seized hold of heaven and had all glorious beings incarcerated in the depths of the fire valley. She took the source of the Chief god’s power and condemned man to damnation.

Aided by a wizard and an elf girl to whom he fell in love with, this warrior prince is surrounded by challenges, mysteries, war and emotion. Yet he must conquer his worst fears for a lot depended on his triumph, for he held the true key to deliverance. And in the elf tongue, ‘Asilek’ mean the ‘Deliverer’ of prophecy.

About the Author

EJOBSON NATE JR. is a pen name. The author’s real name is NATHANAEL EJOB.

The author is Cameroonian, born 1991. He attended did high school at St. Augustine’s college in a town called Kumbo. Now he is a sophomore in the National Polytechnic in a town named Bamenda in the Law department.

Ejobson is the fifth born in a family of nine, five brothers, one sister. He is a comic, artist, and poet. He is a great lover of fantasy which is what triggered his imagination to come up with this book.

The story will continue in a book two, sub-titled ‘The age of Flabor.’

The author’s public e-mail is ejobson12@gmail.com and on facebook he is Ejobnate.

(2013, paperback, 224 pages)

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