My Journey Burlesque: The Way It Was

My Journey Burlesque: The Way It Was
Item# ISBN: 978-0-8059-9681-4

by Doris Kotzan

When the live variety shows known as vaudeville faded away, many of the novelty acts moved their work to the burlesque stage. And when burlesque died, many of the remaining acts sought work on the stages of nightclubs, dine-and dance clubs, and show bars.

In My Journey, the author touches on the neglected subject of the nightclubs of the 1950ís and sixties. After the sixties, many of the clubs started using go-go dancers, heralding the demise of the entertainer with a wardrobe. In her lifetime, the author has witnessed vaudeville, burlesque, supper show clubs, and even go-go clubs, fade and eventually die.


Doris Shirley Rozelle was so impressed by the movie stars of the 1940ís, she left Holyoke, Massachusetts, for the bright lights of show biz. With the help of an ex-Rockette dancer, the seventeen-year-old became a professional entertainer and went on to appear on burlesque stages throughout Canada, Mexico, South America, and the United States from 1949 through the 1970ís.

She eventually married and had a daughter who briefly followed in her footsteps. The author now lives in Connecticut and is hoping to hook up with old show business buddies and reminisce, if there are any still around...

(2005, paperback, 196 pages)

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9681-4 [E-book]

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