The Risks of Life: Tome I

The Risks of Life: Tome I
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The Risks of Life: Tome I
by Marie G. Cohen

“The Risks of Life” Tome I is a unique collection of poems. These poems are political, universal, understandable, and amusing. This book is about issues that affect people’s daily lives. The book also depicts American scenes. The content of this book is very interesting, and it is worth reading. “The Risks of Life” is written to convey a message to society.

About the Author

Marie G. Cohen is an American residing in New York City. She has a Master’s Degree in French literature from the City University of New York. She is a graduate of honor of York College. She was the first-prize winner of the poetry contest at York College in 1995. She likes to write poetry and participate in the open mic for poets. She likes to sing. She is impressed by the French Impressionists. She enjoys going to museums and listening to classical music. Writing is a way to express her feelings and views. She is an observer. She analyzes the situation, and she puts it in writing.

(2009, paperback, 44 pages)


The Risks of Life: Tome I (e-book)
The Risks of Life: Tome I (e-book)

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